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Here is a partial list of reasons why people have used EFT:

• Abuse • Addictions • Allergies • Anger • Anorexia • Anxiety • Assault • Asthma • Attention Deficit Disorder • Bulimia •Bedwetting • Behavioural problems • Children’s issues • Claustrophobia • Confidence • Depression • Distress • Divorce • Dyslexia • Fear of dentists • Fear of flying • Fear of public speaking • Fears • Golf performance • Grief • Headaches •Health • Injuries • Learning disabilities • Loneliness • Miscarriage • Molestation • Nightmares • Overweight • Pain management • Performance anxiety • Phobias • Poor grades • PTSD • Rape • Resistance • Self-esteem • Self-image •Separation anxiety • Smoking • Snoring • Sports Injuries • Sports performance • Stress • Trauma • Weight



While we believe that EFT works well with many symptoms, it is still theoretical in nature and there is no universally accepted scientific explanation for its efficacy or lack thereof.

We do not offer any medical or psychological care or advice other than to advise all clients that they are always ultimately responsible for their own health care and if they want medical, psychological or psychiatric care or advice, they should see a medical or mental health care professional.

We also always advise every client to obtain a waiver or referral from their primary care doctor or other medical professional or their mental health care professional before utilizing EFT. Certainly each client should not discontinue or modify any medication presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining medical approval. In the event that a client fails to obtain a medical referral prior to treatment, they assume all risk and responsibility for any adverse outcome that might result from using EFT.